I have experience working on interactive stories and have been a writer contracted to write interactive stories for apps before. I am an award-winning author, a journalist, a poet, an editor, and a lover of romance and literature. I have worked as both a writer and an editor for multiple websites, magazines and other media outlets; I have edited novels, articles, business papers and other documents; and I have been both a writer and an editor for publishing companies, magazines, websites and businesses. I have been published in multiple literary periodicals, including The Nassau Review and Essig magazine, and I have experience reading for the literary journal Kindred, which is an imprint of Anchor & Plume Press (they are currently on hiatus). I have worked as a journalist for such websites as Geek Insider, NerdJunkies.com, The United States of Nerd, ReelGuru.com, The Nerd Lair, and more. As a journalist, I have interviewed a wide range of stars from both television and film, including stars of Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Arrow, The Hobbit, iZombie, Napoleon Dynamite, Supergirl, and Pokemon. I was also a teacher for Japanese students over Skype through DMM Eikaiwa/BIBO Global Opportunity. I have an extensive amount of experience in the literary field, particularly as an author. I have both self-published and have been published by publishing companies. The ebook version of my novel Forever Fair was picked up for promotion by BookRix, GmbH & Co. My 2015 young adult fantasy release, The Angelnots, made it onto two top 100 bestseller lists on Amazon.com shortly after publication and was positively reviewed by readers, bloggers, and the Midwest Book Review. It was even tweeted about by such renowned writers as Gail Simone and Christopher Paolini. I’ve also been a member of various literary/writer organizations, including my current membership in the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick. I also have years of experience as a copywriter and copy editor for various clients.

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