I am an award-nominated comic book writer, creative development specialist and copywriter with over 10 years of creative development and project management experience, recruiting and managing creative teams creating narratives and story-driven content in animation, comic books, digital and streaming media, mobile and web games, and toys. I have done work for Marvel Comics, Disney, Bandai and National Geographic Asia that all entails narrative development where one must understand how to remain on brand, creating new IPs to how to add value to a legacy story.

From my experience, I can solve narrative to logistic issues with nimble solutions to ensure deadlines are met. This is one of the reasons why I’ve been entrusted to work with much autonomy, like during the development of Iron Man: Hong Kong Heroes #1 where I created an original Marvel Comics’ superhero, Arwyn Wong, to working with legendary Gundam designer, Kunio Okawara on his first-ever personal IP, FullMetal Ghost as the only story developer and writer.

I am an experienced writer able to script in various formats and quick to adopt new ones, who can create and add seamlessly to complex storylines, understands the importance of character dialogue tones and has been entrusted with adding value to world-renown properties. If my skills and experience are of interest, I encourage you to contact me to answer questions that you may have and provide additional details of my experiences. I can be contacted by phone at 289-818-8084 or by e-mail at mrhowardwong@gmail.com. Thank you for your consideration.


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