Back in 2010, I was lead writer and designer on a mobile game called Crazy Night Out, which was a sleeper hit on BREW phones and became one of the first interactive fiction games on smartphones. The game sold over 2.8mm episodes in 2010 and had over 350K monthly subscribers on BREW on the Verizon Network. It out sold its AAA studio competition EA’s High School Story during its release run..
The company responsible Sonic Boom Games, a small Indy mobile studio was nit prepared to continue ongoing live production and was unclear what the next evolution should be.

As the creator, I wqs tasked to build the sequel called Crazy Night Out: Vegas which combined action arcade style minigames, an upgrade store where players could purchase “High roller” items to wear or use in the minigames to improve their performance, virtual currency casino games and strong branching story telling . The result was an episodic, replayable, branching story which had strong motivators for microtransactions, grinding, and replaying alternate narrative elements. The game was beta released in Canada with very strong KPIs. Unfortunately, the studio folded due to over extention as a work for hire shop. I am a seasoned author and designer and I would love to be able to leverage my past experiences in this genre to create stories which can continue to earn revenue for me over time.

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Creator: Johnny Karnay