I am most interested in collaborative innovation. I’m working to explore inventive ideas for new interactive storytelling platforms (like Tales!), incorporating a diverse point of view including multi-lingual integration and accessibility (especially especially for the blind and deaf communities).
I favor interactivity because it allows the audience to be a near-equal collaborator in the tale. And, being also a visual artist and composer, I especially enjoy opportunities to create stories that work in multi-sensory counterpoint. I feel like this particular idea is being explored well in a lot of interactive live theater, installations and escape rooms…but there is so much opportunity to experience stories more fully on our devices! …right down tactile story additions, with the aid of contemporary technologies.
I work efficiently alone, but coming from an improv background, I am psyched about creating with a team. Projects take on an awesome merit-driven vitality in the hands of a like-minded team.
Looking forward to playing and creating with the cool new tools Tales is building.

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