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Pauline Marlière

Game Creator, Co-Founder of Team Panoptes Studio

I’ve been making indie games since 2014. In 2017 I co-founded the studio Team Panoptes alongside 3 of my friends. There, we shipped the VR party game Panoptic. I worked on that game as a designer, artist, and writer. Later, in October 2018, I decided to leave my own studio to focus on my narrative path as a freelance Game Writer and Narrative Designer while using my talents in visual arts to communicate my ideas.

In parallel to my career, I am invested in making the game industry a better place for women and minorities. As a Women in Games Ambassador since 2017, I’ve been doing talks and workshops to help students and young girls to find their place in the industry. I’ve also been doing podcasts and conferences about art, design, and writing in games.

I am currently talking with governmental associations and politics to make the association Women in Games Belgium; in order to create more inclusivity and diversity in the Belgian games industry.

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Creator: Pauline Marlière