I’m what most copy/paste pages would call a “diverse, queer” hire with “experience and an MFA.” If you asked me, however, I’m just a military brat that found inspiration and consistency in comics and anime, something that’s severely lacking in the military life. That said, I would love to stretch my creative legs and offer my knowledge of comics, supernatural lore, film + television, and even a little witchcraft to an innovative, collaborative, and diverse team. I’d love to be a part of something that loves to find the natural in the supernatural. My personal works from specs to pilots almost always deal with protagonists breaking their limits to actualize their destiny with their own hands. I want to be a part of a team that inspires its fans and members to be a little more like Batman each day by inspiring them to ignore what they believe are their limits so they can continue to grow. Whether that means exploring a mysterious cavern or facing their anxieties through virtual romantic interactions, I’m always happy to help people get to know themselves.

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