I’m a very experienced prose writer, specializing in truly diverse (largely #OwnVoice) speculative queer fiction. I’m branching out (ha) into interactive fiction through both Twine and my contract with Choice of Games, and am passionate about creating immersive stories with a tailored experience. Aside from telling an electrifying story, I’m most dedicated to providing a place for marginalized folks (particularly queer, trans, and disabled) to feel safe, let their guard down, know they won’t be hurt, and have FUN. We don’t get that nearly enough, and stories are so, so important to the world and our lives. Thank you for what you do here!

And for the next question, I could give you my CV, but what’s relevant to you would be largely a repeat of what I’ve said, and now I’d like my work to speak for itself. Enjoy THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM!


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