Hi, I’d like to apply to write for you.

I’m a full time writer based in Sheffield, England. I won the H E Bates competition and The Tacchi-Morris Prize for short stories. My chapbooks, Dreamers and Orange Balloon, are published by Folded Word. My first novel was published by Pioneer Readers and my second novel, Reliability of Rope, is published by Armley Press. My third novel, A Bad Winter has just been published by Armley Press and my third chapbook with Folded Word has recently been commissioned and is in the planning stage. I write the monthly Folded Word column (In)Organic https://folded.wordpress.com/category/in-organic/

I am currently writing my first commissioned non fiction book for Pen and Sword and my third novel has just been released with ASJ publishing. My first play, a romantic comedy, was recently staged in London by Primal Theatre and I’m working with the Eldarin Yeong studio on my next play, Greenwood.





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