I am a writer who takes pride in the quality in all my works. Unlike most “mainstreaming” writers, I do not write solely to trend for the maximum pay per read. That is why all my episodes are at least 3 times longer, extremely well directed and full of plot twists that are not forced just to length a story for read count.

My passion lies not only in writing, but also creating a world that I can share with everyone, a world that can allow people to forget the present. All my stories are written in the reader’s perspective and I allow the maximum freedom in their adventures without hallowing the main characters.

I am always looking for another platform to share my fantasies, because honestly, I am not a happy writer on Episode. On this platform, you either follow the tides, or get washed up because of sticking to your own values. I refuse to cut up my episodes in order to update 3 times a week. While I am unable to make a living, my quality has earned me a rather huge and loyal reader base. I am confident that I can bring my readers to any platform I write on. Unlike most trending writers, my readers are not limited to young teenagers who want to read sappy romances with no world-building or development. I have readers as young as 10 years old as well as a grandpa who is in his late 50s, and he checks for my story updates everyday!

Moreover, being limited by Episode’s available animations is a huge restrain to my creativity. After all, I can only express what is available on the platform. If I am given a chance to share my creativity to my full extent, I’ll be able to provide you with works that are much, much better than any of my current works.

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